Neon: How to dress down neon yellow

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I get nostalgic about my childhood whenever I wear neon yellow. Bold coloured-clothes, particularly neon, were my favourite. The perky hue instantly makes one stand out from a crowd. Light- green is a fun playful colour ideal for spring, and best worn on girl dates.

Atieno Odewo

Deucing the bright colour with neutrals allows the brighter pigmentation to pop out, which is the idea, really. Conjugating the statement piece with other gallant bits most often result in people colour- clashing or looking like walking highlighters (for lack of a better description).

atieno odewo

In the case of a neon top, combining white pants with embellished sandals would do, principally for those who are new to wearing neon. I endorse pulling this look with minimum or no accessories altogether. Accessories would make the attire seem busy- which may not be so appealing.

Atieno Odewo

I opted to team my A-line light-green skirt with a white spaghetti strap top to dress down the blazing colour. The white acts as a complimentary colour hence does not take particularity away from the skirt. The sneakers make the outfit look more casual. They also transform the rather lady-like outfit into a sportier costume. I prize keeping my neon look SPORTY and BRIGHT (me in two words). The mini neon yellow skirt also hypes my gutty and playful character.

Atieno Odewo

I purposed to wear the headwrap to add an unexpected sensation to the outfit. Plus, I consider the turban a staple fashion item for the ‘Afrocan’ female. I summed up the look by wearing the sunglasses with mirrored lenses, which, honestly, I never wear off camera. The black headwrap and black sneakers pull the outfit together, harmonizing the whole look in turn.

Atieno Odewo

I hope you feel enkindled by my fun  composition.


” Wear whatever you want, however you want, just don’t end up looking like a hot mess”. Hear, hear!